A Bit About Me

Hello! My name’s George – I’m a young composer based in the UK.

I’ve had music placed on BBC shows like Countryfile, Panorama and BBC Click. It’s also been used on A&E After Dark, Cruising with Susan Calman and TV shows abroad.

I’ve had music published with a variety of different libraries such as LOADED, POKE (BOOST), Grey Man, and Absolute. Here’s some to listen to.

I write instrumental/orchestral music, aimed towards reality TV, documentaries and kids programming.

I come from a more ‘classical music’ background. I’m comfortable dealing with notation software, like Sibelius, and dealing with all those dots! I play saxophone, and a variety of woodwind instruments. However, I’ve spent a good amount of time during lockdown improving my music production skills. Hope to branch out and give some more types of music a try!