3For performance

Some of my music is to be listened to without images, without actors, sometimes without musicians ..  In particular I like to focus on the voice and manipulating and morphing it into sounds not normally associated with the human voice.

This page showcases music purely for performance.

Let There Be Peace

Lemn Sissay’s poem ‘Let There Be Peace’ is the inspiration and text used for this piece.  Created on a computer, I have been able to add another dimension to the spoken word through manipulating the sounds.  All sounds in this piece have started off as recordings of the human voice.  This could perhaps be described as a ‘movie for your ears’.

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Ave Regina

Composed for choir, this piece has been performed by John Bryan’s Huddersfield University Chamber choir in both Wakefield Cathedral and Huddersfield’s St Paul’s.  This Latin text about praising Mary ends with the plea from the singers for Her to ask Jesus to save their souls – quite a turn in the last two lines.

Quantum Sheep

The poem ‘Quantum Sheep’ by Valerie Laws was the text used for this education project.  The structure of the piece had space to allow for unpredicted outcomes, reflecting one of the inspirations for the poem – quantum mechanics.

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