Watch & Listen

Here’s some 30 second snippets!

Lussevaka – a young girl finds something magical during an otherwise boring Christmas party. Director – Jo Sutherland, Producer – Kitty McMurdo-Schad, Composer – George Dolan.

Monster Mart – preschool animation about a boy who is struggling to find the perfect monster. Director – Jules Webb, Composer – George Dolan.

Patricia and the Witch – kids’ animation about a girl who doesn’t fit in with society, but finds herself through magic (and meets an unexpected friend along the way!). Director – Phil Wall, Producer – Ben Gardner, Composer – George Dolan.

The Caretaker – short film about a mechanical man who takes care of the forest, yet the busy animals don’t want his help. Will he find someone who appreciates him? Director – Natalie Goldson, Composer – George Dolan.

Adelaide McCarthy (and the Making of a Legend) – a comedy with our star Adelaide McCarthy, he let’s you see inside his world and inside himself too! How he was made and what his dreams and ambitions are. Director – Dewi Evans, Composer – George Dolan.

LandLubber – yes, it’s a pirate who can’t swim, but when his parrot finds himself in deep water there’s only one thing a pirate can do. But can he do it? Director – Jess Thorpe, Composer – George Dolan.

And here’s some without visuals ..